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8 definitions by Bugsy

Having a difficult time getting things right or remembering things.
I'm having a bit of a blonde day.
Sorry I was having a blonde moment.
by Bugsy September 10, 2003
An inexpensive brand of whisky, at around eight dollars a fifth. Tastes like an imitation of Jack Daniels. Should never be drank on a hot or humid day.
While extremely harsh on the throat, Old Crow has a complex flavor. Old Crow is the original sour mash whisky, meaning leftover mash from the last distillation is used in the next, ensuring the conformity of the whisky.
by Bugsy July 20, 2005
PBR, aka Pabst Blue Ribbon, a cheap yet classic domestic beer. Don't be thrown off by the inexpensiveness, this is probably the best domestic beer on the market. Rarely advertised and union made.
Pick up a 30 rack of pibber, please.
by Bugsy July 20, 2005
Usually a sweet punch made with tequila, also gin or grain alcohol. Typical ingredients include Sprite and lemonade. As the name suggests, it's often served at parties as an attempt to get women naked.
Drink this and call me when you're ready.
by Bugsy July 20, 2005
A tequila and tomato juice based cocktail. Simply put, a bloody mary with tequila instead of vodka.
1 part tequila
3 parts tomato juice
6 drops lemon juice
two drops tabasco sauce
pinch of celery salt
pinch of garlic salt

Serve with a celery stick over large ice cubes. Works great as a hangover antidote.
by Bugsy July 20, 2005
Gloucestershire (UK) expression for a commonbug known as a woodlouse.
by Bugsy September 10, 2003
A shot containing one part whisky and one part maple syrup. Often used as a antidote for hangovers (at least in Vermont), as an alternative to a bloody mary.
Best served using Old Crow whisky, light maple syrup, and an asprin.
by Bugsy July 20, 2005