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The female version of dipping your pen in the company ink. A senior woman in a company having sex with an underling or lower level male employee, who may or may not be a direct report to that woman.
Mandy: That Dave is quite a hot number, I'm tapping that shit in Vegas.
Jane: Do you think that's a good idea?
Mandy: Hell ya! Gonna dip my pen in the company ink, beeeaaaatch!
Jane: You're the shizzle! But, really, don't you mean Stuffing Your Taco With Company Meat! You go girl!
by Buffman6236 September 05, 2012
The female version of "Balls To The Wall." When someone is giving 100 percent effort, totally maxing out, jacked up on Red Bull flying full speed and they are a woman.
Eric: "Damn, sistah, you's flying fast and strong on getting that project done. You're balls to the wall"

Goodman: "Back that shit down, beeaaaatch! Ain't no homey, ain't no balls here mutha. Its Eggs to the Legs. Respect."
by Buffman6236 January 06, 2012
The art of not including a person, place or thing in something that is happening or going on.
"Christi's totally drunk, but I still bet she will be discluding Doug from any action tonight based on the lame ass clothing he wore to the party."

"Yo! We're discluding that bitch from the party, she's always hitting on Walter."
by Buffman6236 November 03, 2011
To do something so stupid, crazy and nonsensical, that normal people can't even understand what you were possibly thinking or how you could have done that.
Andy: Dude, I can't understand what you were thinking. Why would you set fire to your own porch?

Zach: Yeah, what was I thinking? I totally Pooped In the Shower on that one.
by Buffman6236 December 29, 2011
The management regime of a country, company or division of a company led by a woman.
Steven: Wow, working here was fun until we got a woman as a CEO.

Danielle: Yeah, this new vagime sucks bawls. Its all work, work, work, bitch, bitch, bitch!
by Buffman6236 December 01, 2011
Chattanooga: A Southern cocktail;
1 shot Jack Daniels
1 shot peach schanpps
Add ice and ginger beer

Invented by Blair McNea at 11:42 am, October 3rd, 2015
Named by Jonothon Bischoff (JB) about 5 minutes later
Blair: Dude, try this drink out. I just invented it. Its called a Georgia Mule.
JB: Wow! That's awesome.
JB: Guys! check this out. Its a brand new drink I invented. It's called a Chattanooga.
Guys: Wow, that's really tasty.
JB: Yeah. I rock!
Blair: JB, WTF?
by Buffman6236 November 28, 2015

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