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David Sarosy's *sew*. the one and only. not to be mistaken as flamingo or pigeon. loves annoying drunks. Shannon Waite.
I love my Swanie!
by bubba April 26, 2004
formerly known as Edweena. sourface, greasy haired. prefers to be skeeting on by his dad. nothing is for sale.
my name's Weena. Weena Waters. and it's NOT FOR SALE.
by bubba April 26, 2004
idiot, moron
you're such a phucknut!
by Bubba July 03, 2003
a women who opens her legs like scissors so another women can do the same adn there for bump rugs
Maggie you should be a scissor fighter with that girl
by Bubba January 30, 2003
the act of anal sex intense enough to tear the vaginal wall, so that fecal matter discharges from the vagina. This is followed by some oral pleasuring of the female.(tastes funny)
After a night of btoling I was beat.
by Bubba December 05, 2004
The rapper E-40 has many fo his own words and this is one of them:

a term meaning helicopter; chopper; Ghetto Bird
Lokk at them heliciznopters fly over
by Bubba January 22, 2004
Space between one's anus and scrotum.
Between your balls and your arse is your biffin (sung jauntily)
by bubba May 03, 2004

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