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On a soap opera, a story that gets coverage everyday.
The story about edmund's murder has been on the front burner on All My Children.
by bryan April 15, 2005
Similar to the Roman War Helmet, except you put your anus on their nose, place your balls on their chin and let your penis extend down their throat.
Brendan passed out early, so I gave him the ol' Canadian Defensive.
by Bryan November 19, 2004
Whas up, whas goin down, etc.
person#1:Yo whas poppin.
person#2:Just chillin.
by Bryan April 19, 2005
the process of becoming a skank
Wow. Harriet has become skankified.
by bryan March 30, 2005
1)Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight
2)Excellent; wonderful
brittanie cwiklinski is beautiful
by bryan March 21, 2005
One who physically hits someone else in their buttox with their fist.
My girlfriend is an ass puncher because she always punches me in the ass.
by bryan October 11, 2004
Jesus ever-living fuck
"Jelf, it's hot in here!"
by Bryan September 15, 2003
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