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A practice in which sexual favors are exchanged between two (maybe more) consenting people within the confines of a bathroom stall.
Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig indulges in 'stall tactics' by placing his head under a toilet partition and into the adjacent toilet stall and asking that stall attendee (preferably a smooth young lad)if he would like a nice sack wash. He usually follows up with the statement, "I'm not gay!"
by Bryan Gilbreath August 29, 2007
An automobile that has been fixed up or 'rodded' before the person who is currently driving it purchased it.
Hey, did you see Johnny driving that cool deuce? Uh, yeah, he didn't do any of the work on it himself. It's a bot rod.
by Bryan Gilbreath August 14, 2007
Contact information such as a name, phone number, email address etc. typically scrawled on a match book cover or a napkin. This information is generally obtained from a girl (hopefully a nymphomaniac) that you met at a bar the night before.
A: Did you get that chick's number that was grinding on you last night?
B: Indeed I did. She provided me with all the necessary 'nymphomation'.
by Bryan Gilbreath January 27, 2009
A phenomena in which everyone on the ski lift has a flask of booze and shares it with the rest of the chair.
G: Dude, why is your bloody leg bone sticking out of your ski pants like that?
B: No idea dude, it might have been the multi-flasking I indulged in prior to the bunny hill.
by Bryan Gilbreath February 25, 2009
Certain males innate ability to cause females to swoon.
T: Man, that guy is hitting on his fifth girl tonight.
B: That's nothing man. He got numbers from ten last night. He's just working his bragic.
by Bryan Gilbreath February 10, 2009
When terrible consequences, typically stemming from female relationships, befall a male.
T:Where's Brad man? He was supposed to be here an hour ago.
B: Haven't you heard? He has to have 'the talk' with his lady friend. It is truly a bragedy that he's so whipped.
by Bryan Gilbreath February 10, 2009
An exceptionally gifted or talented woman.
T: Wow, that chick can simultaneously sing, juggle with one hand and perform complex mathematical equations with the other hand. She must be some kind of prodigy!
B: Nah man, she's not a prodigy, she's a 'broadigy'!
by Bryan Gilbreath February 10, 2009

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