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A Hot Carl is the act of defacating on someones face. A Warm Carl is defacating on their face whilst covered by plastic wrap. A Cold Carl is defacating on a glass table while someone lies below.
Suzie prefered Warm Carl's. "Less clean up afterward.", she said knowingly. John prefered giving Hot Carl's. "If there's no mess, what's the point?" Lucy liked the added security of the glass provided during a Cold Carl. "I just like watching it come out! Fascinating!"
by Brownson Pincheau January 07, 2005
A Hot Mike is when an anus is pressed against a vagina while the anus expels diarrhea.
Jenni wanted me to give her a Hot Mike, but I'm not into feces and sex.
by Brownson Pincheau January 07, 2005
The act of vomiting into someones mouth followed by the receptor vomiting on the vomiters chest or some other part of their body.
Jessica and I got drunk last night and ended up giving each Hot Kristies. I vomited in her mouth and then she vomited on my penis and then i vomited on her breasts and so on.
by Brownson Pincheau January 07, 2005

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