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A mixed drink consisted of 2 shots of the hulk (2 parts hennessy to 3 parts hypnotiq) mixed with a can of mountain dew.
"Hulks at night, Bruce Banners in the day,
Keeps us tipsy like we from A.A."
by BrownMagic July 10, 2008
A drink for the gods:
1 part blue powerade
1 part vodka
1 part rum
"yo bobby, peace to the gods"
"i'm sippin on that digital elixir. blululululul!"
by BrownMagic July 20, 2008
I know what you're sayin'. A response to yadidamean?
-Keak da Sneak is boss, yadidamean?
-yadidasmell, his new joint's tight!
by BrownMagic April 24, 2007

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