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you know what i mean? used widely in the bay area
"we make the party go dumb, yadidamean?"
by Jaked August 30, 2005
243 25
You know what I mean.
I was like hell nah yadidamean.....
by Dahai May 12, 2006
71 24
its from the bay area near fresno it means "you know what i mean?"
That party was cold yadidamean
by Ms.Jasmine November 09, 2004
111 90
Know what Imean?? Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you hear what I'm saying? Do you feel me?
We stay Hyphy out here in the Bay....Yadidamean?
by deecee187 November 07, 2006
33 21