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One of those fantastically ambiguous phrases from the north of England.
Rum can mean good or bad, dependant on context
That lad's a proper rum fucker! (That lads sound/ cool)
What a rum fucker! (What a bell end)
by Brother Numpsy November 22, 2005
1. A savoury snack comprising a hard boiled egg encased in sausage meat, with a golden breadcrumb coating.

2. A ginger lad's knackers, bollocks, testes etc
Rusty haired Jonny lad was up to his scotch eggs in little Doris. The cheeky monkey!
by Brother numpsy November 14, 2005
A great length of turd
I'm just poppin to the kaiber to drop a length of dirty spine!

(sourced from Roger's profanisaurus)
by Brother numpsy November 14, 2005
spume, manfat, cum.
A chaps ejaculate: sperm
Sandra: Fuckin hell Jeff, you've squirted your taddies right in my eye!
Jeff: Ungh
Sandra: Fuck that stings.
by Brother Numpsy December 01, 2005
A particularly strange, eccentric sausage jockey
Fuckin hell, would you look at that pink panted queerdo!
by Brother Numpsy November 22, 2005

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