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A dictionary created by writers of Viz comic. The profanisaurus is the rude dictionary created by Roger Melly. Melly is a hard living, highly sexed, profane television personality constantly thinking of new projects that will allow him to drink, earn illict cash and have sex with assorted young women.
'Beef curtains is defined in the profanisaurus as a womans genetalia'
by Ged Carroll July 27, 2004
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lunchbox lancer n. archaic Mediaeval term for a cocoa shunter (qv). First used by King Arthur to describe the French army. In 562 AD he wrote: “Fear not the French, for their knights are without heart, and their King without wisdom. But keep thine backs as to the wall, for amongst their number thou shalt find more than a few lunchbox lancers, I can tell you”.
by Hugh Jampton September 12, 2003
A dictionary that contains every swearword know to man and is updated every year
Includes words like Fuck Cunt Wank Bastard Ass Shit Minge Japseye Inbread and plenty more
by Bob March 26, 2005

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