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To regret, wishing a certain situation never happened, to remorse.
"You'll rue the day you ever messed with me!"
by Brother Joe June 30, 2005
When more people than there are seatbelts are shoved into a car. When people have to sit on the floor or on each other.
Kelly was driving, Becky had shotgun, Ashley, Kelsey and Mandee were in back with the other Ashley sitting on Mandee and Jay sitting on Kelsey. I had to sit on Becky. We were so clown car-ing it.
by Brother Joe July 18, 2005
Roadkill that has been elaboratly spread across the road in a gruesome yet pleasing way. Roadkill in general. Pancakes.
We were taking I-91 when Bly pointed out a dead skunk. "Look! Road-art!"
by Brother Joe January 10, 2006
It's the word "evil". It's my interpretation of it. IT's pronounced the way it looks.
Hehehe...these plans are E-VILE!
by Brother Joe October 23, 2005

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