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5 definitions by Brockly

A person who's life revolves around Disneyland, and all things Disney related.
Jessica and her friends are only interested in watching Disney movies, playing Disney related games or going to Disneyland. They're more than just dorks or geeks, they're D-tards!!!!
by Brockly September 11, 2012
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A combination of bueno and Bonita (which means GOOD and PRETTY) The new word means PRETTY GOOD...
Mrs Gall was looking buenita today. All the boys were checking her out...
by Brockly October 23, 2012
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A local, legendary live show, hosted by the legendary Keith, and his faithful sidekick Grinder (the Grinder) The show includes audience discussion about topics such as movies, TV, Family Guy, old movies, Family Guy episodes, golf, and more often than not, B-movies and Family Guy references. Occasionally a South Park line of discussion will sneak in. Always involves food, and drinking. And sometimes MORE drinking...
We went over to Tracy's roof top deck last night for this weeks episode of Keith and the Grinder. It was an especially good episode, full of fun, laughter, steak, and blue cheese grits. Keith made great Mai Tai cocktails for everyone, and the Grinder was spot on with his witty contributions...
by Brockly September 20, 2012
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Similar to the term "soaking" it refers to the act of inserting your penis, but not thrusting, therefore not actually having "sex". But unlike "soaking" BROAKING involves two guys (bros) In the same way soaking isn't actually considered "sex", "BROAKING" isn't considered "gay sex"
Jamie asked me to fuck him up the ass, and I said "sorry bro, I'm not gay and I'm not into anal sex with dudes. He explained that he isn't gay either, and that "BROAKING" isn't even sex, so it can't be gay. I said as long as its not sex, and then he bent over. I slid my penis into his ass and we just stood there "BROAKING"
by Brockly January 22, 2013
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A person who likes to control the drinking (or lack of) at any particular event or gathering.
Andrea was being a real drink nazi at the birthday party, trying to make everybody drink with her...
by Brockly September 18, 2012
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