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A fine foxy daddy, preferably with a wife and three kids. Ripped to the max from carrying all those baby carriages,idolized by mature teenage girls. Prime daddy-meat, Bryan Adams, Paul Newman;
It was a "DILF"icult decision trying to select the prime dilf ready for picking between Gary Hoekstra and wade campbell
by brittney December 27, 2003
stuffing is when a girl lies about her boobie size and stuffs them with tissue
OMG i was crying and the girl who i thought was stuffing pulled cleanex out of her bra and gave it to me to wipe my eyes.
by brittney July 08, 2004
Sexual activites involving your mouth,tongue. A male licking eatting out a females vagina. A women sucking a males dick. blowjob , head
My girlfriend gave me head yesterday.
by Brittney April 09, 2005
the hottest man alive who should be worshiped as god! he is kick ass at guitar and has hot hair.
Jade Puget has a face carved by angels
by brittney November 11, 2004
sexy boy with Bubley rhimes,and gangsta stile
Their is only 1 lilfizz
by Brittney December 17, 2003
A chain of pizza parlours with amazing play structures and games. It owns Chuck E Cheese.
"Wanna go to Discovery Zone?"

"Let's play in the ball pit!"
by Brittney June 17, 2006
The term for the biggest P.I.M.P. in a certain region
Yo that boy is so fine hes deffintley krainak
by Brittney January 14, 2005
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