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n. 1. A term, originally from Glenn Quagmire on Family Guy, that is used to express sexual contentment with one's surroundings.

2.a. A catch phrase used to draw out sexual innuendo in a statement. It is the equivalent of that's what she said.

3.a. A phrase used to denote extreme agreement or contentment with a suggestion or situation. Similar to cool, awesome, or sweet, though the use of such terms has become so frequent that a "cool" situation or suggestion is not necessarily a "giggity" situation or suggestion.
b. Any situation or suggestion with which one finds extreme contentment.
1. Random 10: "It's hot in here? Are you hot? I think I'm going to shed some layers."
Hypothetical guy: "But you're just wearing your bikini."
Random 10: "So?"
Hypothetical guy: "Giggity."

2. Your Boss: "Okay, so I was halfway through the competition, and I thought maybe I'd drink some water, just so the hot dogs would slide down my throat easier..."
You (Because you read this Urban Dictionary definition): "Giggity."

3.a. Friend: "I can't believe it... I just won the lottery!"
Friend's Friend: "Giggity!"
b. Random Guy: "Did you hear about the lottery scam?"
Other random guy: "No, I didn't. What happened?"
Random Guy: "Apparently there was a printing error at the lottery company... they printed a million winning tickets by mistake."
Other random guy: "Wow."
Random Guy: "Yeah... they've got to apologize and everything. It's definitely not a giggity."
by British Swingmaster July 04, 2010
Originally a French term, coming from the verb "clicher", which roughly means "to stereotype". The extracted definition, as it's used today, is taken as "something that's overdone," or "an idea that was originally innovative, but has now grayed and grown tired from overuse." It has fallen into wide use as a criticism device for film, literature, art, and even everyday phenomena.

Off the record, the term itself has become a cliché, and some find the term infuriating, often because the word is sometimes used to attack a product with little other basis. Some old ideas are overdone because they work- if a work or an idea were so new and untried that it avoided all clichés, it would be foreign. Few people would be able to accept it as anything more than the direct result of a drug trip.
Avoiding all clichés is more or less impossible because some ideas are etched in the human psyche as unavoidable aspects of everyday life.

The truth is that the majority of ideas, in their purest forms, have been done; the challenge is how they are put together, and the creative process is partially selfish anyway. While an artist of some other sort may aim to please his/her audience, if said person wants to write about elves or teenage drama, that person should be allowed to do so without angering a horde of angry critics.

The issue for critics, then, should not fall in the overuse of tried ideas, but in their execution and how they are valued as a whole.
"Hey, Fred, did you see that film, where the teens get attacked by zombies in a mall?"
"Oh. You mean the cliché concept that plagues every zombie film?"
"...Dude. Lay off."

"I propose that the word "the" is now a cliché. Therefore, film critics, you will also be forced to use the word kaffunnumupah instead."

(Newspaper) "Don't see (x). It's nothing more than cliché after cliché after cliché."
(Crumples up paper) "But (x) changed my life!"
by British Swingmaster July 22, 2011
Another name for the (fairly uncomfortable) Bermuda Triangle sexual position, so called because the triangle between the woman's arms, her back, and the man's stomach resembles a chip.

A bunch of people saw Community and decided to invent Mexican Halloween online, not realizing that Mexican Halloween is not a sexual act, but a sexual position.
Mexican Halloween is a sexual position.
by British Swingmaster January 09, 2012
Unusually amazing individual who could be a lady killer if he knew where to find kick-ass ladyz.
Wow, look at that guy hitting on Gwyneth Paltrow! He's such a Gannon!
by British Swingmaster September 24, 2008
I Don't Give a Fuck.
When somebody says this, they usually DO give a fuck. They're just trying to tell themselves that they don't, or to affirm their own confidence in themselves against whatever situation or person happens to be their opponent.
Also, a kind of insensitive way to responding to a situation when silence may be a more effective way to convey your meaning.
-Dude, your girlfriend's cheating on you.

-I may or may not be a bully. IDGAF.

-I'm dying Squirtle.
by British Swingmaster August 18, 2011

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