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Displaying the face of your hand in front of you in a wide-set confident manner, alluding to the five-finger-blessing of THE Rich Gannon.
Did you see the Gannon on that guy?
by Irish_dawg00 March 20, 2013
Unusually amazing individual who could be a lady killer if he knew where to find kick-ass ladyz.
Wow, look at that guy hitting on Gwyneth Paltrow! He's such a Gannon!
by British Swingmaster September 24, 2008
pirate ninjas that enjoy the following:

-speaking spanglish (the word 'tortuga' may be thrown around often)
-being completely BA
-being witty and hilarious

A Gannon is also:
incredibly attractive
extremely intelligent
the envy of all others
-"Did you see that amazing person?"
-"Yeah...They must be a Gannon"
by cokes o'gannigan October 24, 2009
A complete chode who lives in a basement and works at a bank. Often seen smoking pot and or rubbing off men. People compare the IQ of a Gannon to the IQ of your average soup spoon. If you are in the presence of a Gannon making a gargling noise will often drive away such a beast.
Phil- Oh looks it's Gannon
Austin- Oh you mean that bitch?
Phil- Yeah exactly, Gannon!
by Richard1234 April 22, 2013
1. To collapse or to fall down.
2. To completley fail or to be dumb.

1. To have no friends or to be an outcast
2. Someone who trys to fit in, but can't fit in and doesn't realize it.
3. A non-architect.
"My house just gannoned!!!"
"Oh no! I completley gannoned my test! My mom will kill me!"
"If this project gannons, all my friends will hate me and I will become a Gannon..."
"That was such a gannon move."
"Hey guys how's it going!" "Why are you talking to me? Geez, you are such a Gannon."
"You just don't understand, that is a Gannon house and will eventually gannon like all your other designs."
by Jeff Ryan Blake the III May 22, 2012
A subgenus of douchebag prone to creating 'wacky' entries defining their own surname with unimaginative adjectives such as 'studly' and 'witty'.

Distinguishing marks include:

-"Wacky" ties
- Tendency towards jokes based on advertising slogans
- Thinks others believe they "should definitely do stand-up"
-"Did you see this dipstick calling himself a pirate ninja?"
-"Yeah...They must be a Gannon"
by Darth Voorhees December 08, 2009
1) a person who has very strong hobbit traits. usually found in little caves and caverns in the craig, co area.

2) a person who has an enlarged buttocks area. commonly reffered to them as a J-Lo or ghetto ass.

3) a person who lives by: mud, slingin and tires. but knows nothin about either.
1) hey u look like a gannon.

2) that must be a gannon hobbit.

3) dang check out that fine chicky gannon. thats one fine ass.
by outlawknox February 04, 2010
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