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3 definitions by Brienne

He's our current president. I am a very Christian person and I hate the man. Yes, he's Christian but he doesn't seem to get separation of church and state. And I don't get how you could say abortions are a sensless waste of life yet send innocent people off to war and blow up people in an underdeveloped country for shady reasons. And I'm sick of the conservatives calling themselves 'normal people' and 'patriots'. I have a normal, boring life and I love my country, but I could never love GWB.
ignorance plain and simple.
by Brienne January 24, 2004
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What happens when you mix coke with sewage.
I prefer my coke without sewage thanks. Keep the Pepsi away!
by Brienne January 21, 2004
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My favorite band since I was 11. They play songs I relate to and are getting more deep.
I'm going to listen to blink-182
by Brienne January 21, 2004
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