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1. The part of New Jersey that is not south.
2. A place where, according to the rest of the US, people all have Tony Soprano accents (i.e., Joizey, Cawfee, Fuggeddaboutit, etc.)
3. The coolest place on earth, next to Switzerland.
4. The exact opposite of South Jersey, considering the only bodies of water aren't oceans, they're lakes or bays used for industrial purposes, and a place that draws far less tourists (thank God). Have you ever heard someone say "I'm goin' up to Newark for the summer"? I didn't think so.
Those North Jerseyans, all they care about is guns and pizza.
by BridgeIt July 05, 2005
1.A highly concentrated fluid made up mostly of apples and water.
2. The official drink of the Converse Cult.
3. A saying that is used in great happiness or angst. (What, Karyn?????)
1. I am drinking some apple juice.

2. Apple juice. Nuff said.

3. Apple JUICE!!!!!!
by BridgeIt August 16, 2005
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