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someone who not only can handle more rides then any guy could dream of, but is also majorly hot and doesn't mind getting a job done even if she has to get dirty but stay hott doin it.
Karyn decided to go on the 'coaster 100 times more then any dude!
by Jab 'em June 10, 2009
Due to her deep beauty, Karyn are majorly envied by their peers. Youthful, extremely intelligent and most of all incredibly stunning, Karyn seem to be all around winner in every subject. All the girls want to be her, all the boys want to be with her.
Look at me, i am short, fat and middle aged, oh i wish i would look and be like Karyn.
by up yours cheap tart February 05, 2010
The type of wife that is great at putting grumpy babies to sleep, whilst also able to satisfy her man.
Husband: "Hey, can you get the baby sleep? I really really want to see the end of this program and then get a load away"

Wife: "Does this name tag read "Karyn"? No? Then turn that TV off and go root yourself"
by Pubcrawl February 05, 2010
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