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The extreme pain one receives from playing the demo games at Walmart for an extended period of time. This is caused by the horrible idea of putting the TV screen, that you're playing the game on, practically directly above your head.
Chuck: Yo, Mikey what's wrong with ur neck?

Mikey: It's fucked up cause I played the demo of MLB 2K9 at Walmart on those shitty screens!

Chuck: Oh man, you got a bad case of Walmart Neck.
by BricklayerTCK May 16, 2009
While being patted down, one reaches back and grabs the crotch and/or breasts of the police officer...man or woman.
Mikey: "Excuse me ma'am, you have very nice breastasis." *Cops a feel*

Chuck: "Hey Mikey, why are you in jail for two months just for speeding?"

Mikey: "Well, I pulled the cop a cop move during my pat down."

Chuck: "Tell me it was a female officer."

Mikey: "Yes, and she had excellent breastasis!!"
by BricklayerTCK June 13, 2009
A breed of gnomes that dwell upon women with exceptionally wide waists.
Chuck: "You Mikey, those hip huggers were all over my girlfriend last night when we took a hike in the woods."

Mikey: "Well, what do you expect when your girl has wide hips?"
by BricklayerTCK June 13, 2009
It's not ur head itself. It's an accessory that can be placed on one's head.

Such as a Hat, Beanie, Headband, Do rag, etc.
Chuck: Hey, did you check out Chris' new dome piece he got from Lids?

Mikey: Yea, that new Nuggets joint is sick!
by BricklayerTCK May 16, 2009
A terrible haircut. This derives from the show Seinfeld. The episode is named The Barber.
Jerry is sitting down on the couch with a really bad haircut. He is holding a mirror. Jerry and George are looking in disbelief at the haircut.

George: He massacred you. You look like you're five years old.

Kramer enters. He flinches when he sees the haircut.

Kramer: No way my Gino did that. It's an Enzo.
by BricklayerTCK June 21, 2010

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