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The cyberspace area of twitter. This naturally extends beyond twitter.com to anywhere you can twitter, which includes cell phones.
Wow, I think Scoble is one of the most popular people in the whole twitterverse!
by BrianBenjaminCarter April 20, 2008
A word specific to the twitter.com universe. Usually formed by adding 'tw' to the beginning of any word. For example, a twitter meme is a tweme, and people on twitter are tweeple.
By gosh if we're not twareful, everything will become a twitterism! You know what I twean?
by BrianBenjaminCarter April 20, 2008
A spam meme- that is, a new word someone creates to be tracked by a service Google or Tweme in order to draw attention.
#GoodPeople appears to be a speme, because it's automatically retweeting everything you tag that way.
by BrianBenjaminCarter April 20, 2008
Twittering through the six degrees of separation to finally reach Kevin Bacon.
I was so bored yesterday that I actually bacontwittered. Kevin said no one really wants to talk to him these days. I felt kinda bad for him.
by BrianBenjaminCarter April 20, 2008
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