24 definitions by Brian Smith

this is when you ejaculate and you can't stop. you cum in your pants 24/7 after sex for hours.
i fucked her so good that i'm still turbogizing!
by Brian Smith November 09, 2004
a word to describe a giant male genitalia.
he's hung like a clocker-knocker!
by Brian Smith December 06, 2004
a young male who is very horny and dumb.
you're such a jungle hotdog.
by Brian Smith December 03, 2004
yet another slang term for oral sex
Howerd stern just gave that guy a hummer on national TV!
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
1. one who resembles a penis, testes or scotum.

2. one who ejaculates in his pants.
stay away cockazoid!
by Brian Smith November 07, 2004
GOOSEFRAUBAHthe slime that sometimes devolopes between the anus and the genitals

derived from the eskimo word goofrba
your'e full of goosefraubah.
by Brian Smith November 07, 2004
a word to describe something with no other possibl description.
thats acalottagrubblegruttaepoxiealodushious.
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004

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