24 definitions by Brian Smith

a person who always talks about poop or a term used as an insult.
stop being a turd goblin.
by Brian Smith November 09, 2004
the smell commenly found in old folks homes, hospitals, funeral homes,Goodwill,The Salvation Army and pretty much any place else that is boring as hell to be in.
it smells like the old people smell at the family reunion.
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
when you giz in the toilet and it looks like a swirling white tornado
look at that toilet tornado!
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
when your ass starts hurting because you have been sitting down on a long trip
I got buttlag after two hundred miles.
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
any band that comes out of the "new generation" of punk bands that is gothic and emo at the same time just like Afi.
i hate gayfi and all bands influenced by it but all of the old gothic punk bands like TSOL kick major ass!
by Brian Smith December 03, 2004
that little creture that lives in your washing machine that steals all your socks and underwear.
the laundry noam stole all of my socks!
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
a word describing a girl with an awsome hot ass.
wow! that chic has major assisity!
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004

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