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Burnt out, tired, wasted, or just not motivated to do anything.
My friends wanted to me to go hiking but after snowboarding the previous day I was way to chummed for that.

After drinking way too much the night before I was so chummed I just hung out on the couch most of the day.
by Brf June 19, 2006
Slang for cash or money. (till being synonymous to cash register)
I went to the store to get a case of beer but I was low on till points so I had to settle for a six pack.

My friends didn't want to sponsor my till pointless ass, so I got left out of the mission.
by Brf June 19, 2006
Getting something done. Forcing the brain to engage in actual bodily motivation which results in completing some task.

(AKA Cough up a brain cell)
Dude, start coughing a cell man! you were suspposed to have had that done a week ago.

You've gotten way too lazy, once in awhile it'd be nice if you coughed a cell or two to clean up this mess.
by Brf June 19, 2006
Slang for the game 'Pente'
Some friends and I were knocking back one of my finer vintages of homebrew and decided to play some Te. As usual they got their asses kicked as I am the pente master.
by Brf June 19, 2006
Mandatory slamming of a full beer by all comrades who are drinking. The goal being to be the first one done so you can call everyone else a pussy.
After finally getting some beer, everyone grabbed one and I announced Slam Jam! All bottles were hoisted up with mine being the first emptied.

The party friendly short version is "Mandatory SJ"
by Brf June 19, 2006
An adjective used when addressing a friend or close pal who shows a distinct lack of motivation or looks burnt out.
Chummer you need to get outside and do something, get your sorry ass off the couch.


Quit being a chummer, we were supposed to go grab some beers and check out the show.
by Brf June 19, 2006
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