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A half cocked jaw. To give someone a look of disgust. Resembling a confused turtle about to gasp for air.
Sir McNutley gave me a turtlemouth when I told him King Longshanks would not succumb to his advances. Even after offering 10 Shillings.
by Brentus July 26, 2005
When one speaks to you and you cannot decipher a word that they say. Or when a person speaks uncontrollably and babbles without any flow or direction. It is permissible to yell "vaseline" and cut one of thes unfazed individuals off.
Man, that guy was talkin with a mouth full of vaseline. What the hell was he talking about?
by Brentus July 26, 2005
A broad, dame, bird or just plain woman that is epitomized as a harlot by flying around on a "d" like it is a broom.
Also an insult from one male to another.
When one sees a girl that looks slutty, he or she shall exclaim to the nearest person "dickwitch", and pointing out that the woman is attractive but not something you want to touch.
OR.. it's a term of endearment or an insult. ie: Get off me, dickwitch!
by Brentus July 26, 2005
Breasts. Nice ones.
Man, look at those bobbity bobbities!
by Brentus July 26, 2005
A. To confuse another individual or group unintentionally or intentionally.
B. The act of confusing a person.
Man, that mime with herpes jammed my radar when he started talking to me on the bus.
by Brentus July 26, 2005
When an individual approaches another and you view from afar. This person is usually intoxicated or discombobulated in nature. You may utter "stragglin" at any time. This is in regards to the nature of stragglers.
Look at that guy! Stragglin!
by Brentus July 26, 2005
A fat one. One that openly displays a need to fornicate with another. Found commonly in North America with overweight women.
Not thinking out loud "oh damn, here comes a humpus, I gotta get outta here!".
by Brentus July 26, 2005

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