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4 definitions by Brendan619

Another weird emoticon.
Oh so happy! ⎝ ⏠⏝⏠⎠
by Brendan619 November 17, 2010
30 2
Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus (VCVCBC) — Usually associated with solidly structured, repetitive, and over-aired "Clear Channel friendly" radio music. Bands and artists generally write VCVCBC songs for skrilla or have gone sour with their music careers.
Dolores: OMG! I LOVE the new RHCP song!
Dick: You mean that no talent VCVCBC band?!
by Brendan619 October 06, 2006
23 10
Tilt your head sideways to the left. It's a dude with large testicles masturbating.
My balls are getting huge as I haven't emptied them out in sooooo long, must OG8C right away!
by Brendan619 January 10, 2009
22 12
Too far; didn't go
Johnny: I thought you were gonna get off yo fat lazy ass and get us some booze from across the street!

Fat Tony: tf;dg
by Brendan619 June 19, 2010
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