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2 definitions by Breaka049

Global Village is seeing the world as a single community. The world is connected through the use of technology such as the internet. Examles include skype, facebook and Myspace, Twitter and also dating web sites such as RSVP.
This allows us to keep contact with people overseas quick and efficiently. IT also brings all social and political functions together quickly.
This can be studies as an elective for the HSC ( NSW, Australia ) and it suck.

Texts that can be used for the Global Village can be The man with five children and the Movie called 'the trueman show'
Guy one: i meet this hot chick

Guy two: yea how
Guy one: on the net.
Guy two: well thats a global village for you
by Breaka049 June 05, 2009
its the abbreviation of Visiting friends and relatives.
G1. what are u going this weekend
G2. HA well have fun.
by breaka049 June 12, 2009