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Another name for Wireless LAN or WiFi. So called because most people don't change the SSID on their Linksys router to something original, and Linksys is the most popular one.
Sean:"I've got to download a Debian ISO and it's 110 MB and I've got dialup."
Brent:"Here, take my PSP and go to the convenience store and use their Linksys."

The Moose Cafe has free Linksys while you have a coffee.

Yo mamma's so clumsy, she tripped over Linksys cable.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood March 09, 2007
Any town which has 10% or less of its population younger than 55, has no public transportation, and any place to buy goods at a reasonable price is just outside of a 3 hour walk one way. So called because you need a car to get anywhere fun, and cars burn gasoline, which means more $$$ for the oil companies. If you are lucky, you might be able to take a ride to Wal*Mart on unicorn or dragon for a small fare (I'm being sarcastic on that last sentence.)

The main advantage is low crime, if a bank gets robbed, a walker or cane would of been used as a deadly weapon.
Grandma:"Mabye we could move to Tiverton!"
Youngun:"Tiverton! That's OPEC's dream come true!"
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 19, 2007
Portable Systems Performer--A Sony Playstation Portable, which, if you can have 1.5 firmware flashed to it, will emulate a whole load of systems, and, get this, can play 4 days of music on a 512MB memory stick duo in Protracker MOD format (and even more than that in 8-16 bit Video Game Music formats) Every media player that runs on a GBA flash cartridge runs full speed at 222mhz or less and gives you loads of audio (MOD, GSM, ADPCM) and video (Meteo) as well as most of the GBA's library of games.

If you use the homebrew PMP MOD AVC player you can record watchable VCD quality video and audio at 2 megabytes per recorded minute (256kbps) as opposed to a heck of a lot more wasted space (768Kbps) with the player Sony gives you.

The PSP ran every NES game I could throw at it, can emulate a Sega Genesis with frameskip 1, runs a full speed gameboy original, a SNES that tears the picture a little, a third-speed Amiga 500 (best computer ever made IMHO), and you can get an MP3 player with an oscilloscope for the easily amused. It's also an infrared remote control. Since when did your "Update" ever give you the ability to zap people's TVs while it looks like you're just playing a game?
And you can control your PC's mouse, or check on a long download that your PC's doing from the kitchen.
"Brandon bought a UMD which flied out of his PSP while I played Super Mario Advance and Sword of Sodan."
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 13, 2007
1. A sound heard on a phone system when you pick up the phone and it's ready to make a call. In US telephones this consists of a 350 Hertz and a 440 Hertz sine wave (two pure tones) mixed together.

2. That ominous sound in definition 1 that indicates your girl/boy friend has hung up on you.
1."To make a call, lift the phone off the hook and place it so that the cord is facing downward near your mouth with the two sets of holes facing your head. Then listen for a dial tone. When you get a dial tone, dial the number." (instructions just in case you're Amish or haven't been in a house since 1927)

2. I got into an argument with my S.O. and got a dial tone.
1. A man's beard consisting of the softest, fluffiest and whitest human hairs imaginable. Usually found on an elderly man's chin. Softer than a hamster. Requires of you to feel the hairs in a friendly way. In fantasy settings usually only Wizards have these types of beards, hence the name. Chinese people can grow these kinds of beards too, although the chin hairs grow 256x faster than the cheeks or sideburns. Incredibly rare in Atheist and to a lesser extent rare in Christian parts of the world. Other religions are more beard-friendly resulting in a greater chance of finding a man with a wizard's beard.

2. Can also refer to an incredibly bushy amount of pubic hairs. You can also find crotch crickets here on occasion.
1. Fu Manchu has such a nice wizard's beard. I just want to run my fingers through it and cuddle him.
1. Saruman II was cuddled and hugged by Ivan V in Imperial Russia and his wizard's beard was felt.

2. Last night my schlong got tangled in Roxanne's wizard's beard.
2. Yassin's wizard's beard has too much semen dried up in it. He should wash it or else he'll have crabs.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood February 05, 2007
A crystal that actually used to heal the user back in the days when Faeries roamed the earth. Now used by New Agers that think it still works in modern times.
Naddavitch:"I've had the runs since August 2000. Got anything that could help me?"
Enya:"Here, try my healing crystal."
by Braveheart's thirst for blood March 04, 2007
Describing a person who does at least 2 of the following actions while on a computer connected to the internet.

1. Sends at least 3 FWD: e-mail chain letters unsoliticedly on seperate dates, esp. the one about the anorexic girl in a third world country who needs you to spread the message.

2. Actually believes that if they whack the monkey in the banner ad, they will come across a $20 bill from heaven.

3. Goes in to chat rooms, esp. AOL chat rooms and pastes the same message over and over, especially one that fits their agenda.

4. Same as above but posts "Press" (a number) "if you like" (insert unliked thing here).

5. Has installed any software from Gator or any other known malware--actually believing the corporation's speil.
"Mom's still in internet larval stage. She's sent me that chain letter many times."
by Braveheart's thirst for blood November 23, 2006

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