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When something is utterly gone and/ or depleted.
1)"yo dude where do we put the kayshed beer cans?"
"In the trash."

2)"We just kayshed this 8-ball of crack in 10 minutes"
"Shit thats gotta be a record"
by Brand0n August 26, 2005
Doing something in memory or recognition of another accomplisments or deeds.
kid1: omfg, did you just see what happened to derik?
kid2: fuck yeah, now im smoking this vanilla dutch, a testament to his bloody skull.
by Brand0n September 13, 2005
When you are relatively new to a given area, and nobody quite really knows your name (ex. Normally live in Western Mass then transfer schools to live in Boston) and you do something so absolutely fucked that the entire campus only knows you by what you've done and not your name.
kid1: yo, have you met my friend derik?
kid2: wait, is that the kid who cracked his head on concrete and had to get 8 staples in his skullplate?
kid1: yeah man thats him!
kid2: Fuck yeah!! he's fucking Brand Name now!
by Brand0n September 13, 2005
The new cool. If you're in, then you're fucking in. Do you hear me niggers?
Dude, this party is all kinds of aids.
#aids #sex #drunk #ymca #farts
by brand0n March 17, 2006
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