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extremely sexy and has very large you know what
Wow look at that Derik i just want to do him
by Jessica8883 July 25, 2008
An extremely attractive man with a really nice ass. He doesn't see the potential he has. He's cute, funny, and very intuitive. Sometimes he can be considered a loner or shy but its just because he has a hard time getting to know people. He is talented and plays guitar like a god. He could do anything if he just had the confidence to do so.
Friend 1: I just can't do this its too hard! Everybody else can do it, I'm just not good enough to do it.

Friend 2: You can do it! Stop being a Derik and have some confidence!
by rumpry October 16, 2010
A pussy who loves to use the word nigger. (just about the only word he uses to try and offend you with)

Someone that claims to have a bigger you know what than he really does

Someone who has really greasy hair
Did you just see that derik? His hair is so raunchy.

Once I saw his you know what and realized it wasn't as big as he said, i thought "What a derik"

by pd[ajp March 26, 2009
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