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Femme´d is derived from the word punk´d and means that a man is owned and dominated by a women
John got fired by a female manager and his wife just left him for a stranger.

John just got Femme´d!
by Bram Speelman July 10, 2011
Riggy man means that you are an intellectual, an intellectual Don, a rationalist or a smartass. Riggy means reason and thus Riggy man literally means, a man of Reason (as a philosophical concept).
John graduated from his second master´s degree and is now working on a Ph.D. John is known as a ´Riggy man´ of his neighborhood.
by Bram Speelman July 21, 2011
Kaiser: a humoristic title for a very rich and succesful person that is extremely extravagant (like an emperor of an empire), naming shaming and claiming the world, the universe and beyond. Comparable to the title of being the biggest boss that you´ve seen thus far.
John became a very succesful international entrepreneur after he graduated from Harvard Business School and during his extremely extravagant 30th bithday party the girls called him Kaiser.
by Bram Speelman July 16, 2011

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