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1) to call someone out on their efforts to bring attention to themselves, or to expose exaggerated behavior unrealized by the subject; used most frequently among gay men in a jovial, playful and good-natured context.

2) a purposefully ambiguous expression used among gay men that connotes a general feeling of enjoyment, contentment within a social context, such as a party or club

3) a term that acknowledges and celebrates the unity, rarity and value of like-mindedness among a circle of friends and/or subculture at large.

to essentially declare: "I know you're a mess right now despite your thinly veiled attempts to disguise it, but I'm a mess too, work it, hey gurl hey."

{context: calling out an intoxicated gay man who is making an effort to hold himself together that is laughably obvious to the accuser; (a humorous intent that implies, "I've been there too!") used in a public setting.}
by BoynDCity January 03, 2010
"Down For Whatever" (acronym)

1) to be open to suggestions; up for anything; especially in a sexual context.

2) to allude that a person has just engaged in, or is about to engage in, a spontaneous, uninhibited sexual act.

3) to recognize and assent to intoxicated behavior, as an expression of camaraderie and affiliation.
"I'm totally DF Dubs."
"She is Dubs!"
by BoynDCity January 30, 2010
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