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Watching “Fringe” for hours because the DVDs from Netflix are piling up.
“What movies did we get?”
“Prepare for a Fringe binge.”
by Bottom Ford, Esq November 06, 2010
Famous last words you don’t want to hear, because it means you are about to be killed by a horde of ruthless, predatory kitties. Made famous by Metalpocalypse.
When Bottom said, “Release the kitties,” I knew my death would be slow, painful, and certain.
by Bottom Ford, Esq January 29, 2012
1. A short hair style, with the hair combed forward (in some cases to disguise a receding hairline), effecting a resemblance to various busts or portraits of Caesar.

2. A surgical procedure that removes some of the baby’s hair during birth.
“Look! A caesarean haircut!”
“I did it myself with barber clippers.”

“That newborn looks unreasonably stylish.”
“He got a caesarean haircut.”
by Bottom Ford, Esq December 29, 2010
A method for getting no-longer-wanted company up off your couch and out the door.
“Come on, Bottom, fire drill!”
“Wait, I’m not done telling you about the cool dream I had during my nap.”
“The house is on fire, Bottom! Go, go, go!”
by Bottom Ford, Esq March 08, 2014
Someone for whom partying must include numerous, almost rhythmic bathroom breaks.
“You going to the can again, Bottom?”
“Don’t you know I’m a potty animal?”
by Bottom Ford, Esq December 27, 2010
Something you can say after expelling some noisome bodily gas, fluid or solid in the presence of others.
“Pee-yoo! Who did that?”
“Don't ask don't smell.”
by Bottom Ford, Esq December 25, 2010
A series of gestures that look as if they should be meaningful but are actually complete nonsense.
“Bottom dances pretty cool, but what’s he doing with his hands?”
“He can’t sing, so must resort to scat signing.”
by Bottom Ford, Esq December 15, 2010
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