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A substitute for both "cool" and "good".

Observing a colleague's powerpoint presentation prior to its final edit...

Dude: "What do you think so far?"
Other dude: "Yeh, it's comfy man"

Or in responding to greetings...

One cat: "How you going?"
Other cat: "Yeh, comfy, man"
Damn, that's comfy!
by Bonesofthewhitegoods June 28, 2010
Variant on the common term ‘cradle snatching’ for someone who is sweet on a much younger honey. If you are not in it for the long haul but simply want to sample the youth for a short while, you are ‘cradle snacking’.
Don't worry, I'm only cradle snacking
by bonesofthewhitegoods July 03, 2010
An exploratory sexual move on a woman, kind of like fisting, only using your head. Gives that bigger girl or post pregnancy shawty a real buzz and gives the dude a chance to look around and see the kind of place he came from.
Yeah man, I totally crowned Maureen last night, crowning is her biggest turn on.
by Bonesofthewhitegoods May 11, 2011
Tired, scattered, someone who has had a long night and is feeling raw.
I just like had a big night cos I’m like in a band or I'm a DJ and I woke up and I’m just crumbs, man. I can't move.
by Bonesofthewhitegoods May 11, 2011
Someone who rolls especially hard with the late nights and the drinking and the shambles etc.
Doris was out til 5am rolling hard, she’s a massive vandal.
by Bonesofthewhitegoods May 11, 2011
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