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3 definitions by Bob Zeber

The fear of shitting yourself at any random time.
Gina had a bad case of Shit Terror.
by Bob Zeber December 27, 2010
The name for black, ugly splotches that occur on someones ass from not bathing for a long period of time. Also slang for dried up fecal matter on the ass.
To be a prick, Tim pulled Josephine's pants down, but little did he know she had a lot of Ass Grime.
by Bob Zeber December 28, 2010
Someone who looks so fucked up that no one can stand to look at them and they are extremely obese; usually have an over-sized ass.
Whoa, that guy is so fucking ugly, I'd say he's an Ass Abomination.
by Bob Zeber December 27, 2010