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1151 definitions by Bob

a cool girl who is really smart (a little too smart)
Maia is great! Shes really smart!
by bob March 13, 2005
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Phrase of outcry created by South Park in response to the influx of immigrants stealing American jobs.
"I lost my job as a delivery man because those goobacks came in and did the same work for less, THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!"
by Bob April 29, 2004
450 55
1. to be so full of neo con bullshit that your sense of shame no longer functions.
2. to lack what is known as 'logic'
3. to report exactly what the puppetmaster demands.
4. to toss carl rove's salad
1.'wow this is a hannity of a show!'
2.'iraq is harboring WMDS'(a hannity)
3.'haliburton, unicol, and united defense have nothing to do with cheney and the bush family'
4.'i had to hannity rove's in prison'
by bob March 10, 2005
771 405
Kids who listen to Slipknot and Korn and wear those damn baggy ass black pants with a ton of pockets and chains. Oh did i mention that they are fuking gay?
Omg look i can fit more slipknot and korn cd's in my super mallcore pockets than you can!!!
by Bob December 31, 2004
816 459
The climactic point of sexual intercourse or masturbation....
wow noah is really good in bed...he gave my multiple orgasms...my eyes rolled back in my head and my leg muscles tightened up....NOAH NOAH YES YES OH MY FUCKING GOD YES HARDER MORE MORE
by bob March 29, 2004
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A flatulent-sounding explusion of air from the vagina, caused by the pumping of air into it with one's penis, or the spasming the vagina can go through during oral sex, "gulping" in and eventually expelling air.
When Stacey queefed while I was making love to her orally, it startled the hell out of me, we both laughed, and I dove right back in. I quickly learned that her queefs were her body's way of showing how much she loved what I was doing and I welcomed them.
by Bob August 27, 2003
1583 1230
A girl who doesn't just lie there like a sack of potatoes expecting you to do everything and who doesn't nearly rip the end of your dick off when she gives you a hand job
Wow my dick's still intact and I actually had a good time, she was a good fuck
by Bob December 11, 2003
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