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the l337-est haxz0r.....ever.
the most elite hax0r you'll ever meet.
by Bob February 23, 2004
zee mizostuseezux0rs hobosteaksauce drinkin mofo, that can telepathetically control any robiticonicomimonsterzoister0rz. when he shoots zee dmt crystals into his orbital, while wearing his tin foil outfit of a chobozozoiderstzilicious chobo // choco cutey pie pie mixsterz.
hey my turb0negr0idterz0rux0rz did you just see riscphree do a double backflip mcdoubletwist onto that hobo that just drank his projectile fecal matters aka tubgirl stylez jenkem + moonshine mix. yep he drank all of that swizeet0idertz mung mung juice0idzters that turbos him up like a robotimamanominoicon. lets all get the transdermal dmt + hiv // ebola // sarz 5kg/.0005 nano second patch so we can be just like him. heart heart hai2u. a\s\l?
by ACrookwIthanEMceejewjewwBee August 18, 2011

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