1151 definitions by Bob

a bad name for someone, derived from chappel show...
fuck you, couch nigger
by bob September 01, 2006
an excuse for moving into another country so you can take theyer oil without bein called a empire building loonytick

see george bush
military inteligence tells us that...are a thret so we have to kill them and take theyer land and theyer oil valuable oil
by bob September 27, 2003
some guy who plays quake 2, not 2 good tho so he jumps about n hopes for the best :P
"o no, hes gonna show - i will jump"
by bob May 23, 2003
A town full of stoners and speds.
I am from Brookline!
by Bob December 16, 2003
Charley Xia
Stop Trying so HARD
by bob April 07, 2003
Shervin - AKA an Arrogant, Procrastinating, Annoying, Over-opinionated TWAT
"Man your such a Shervin"
by Bob January 31, 2005
Someone who rubs their face and lick duckbutter
man that guy had a butterface
by Bob February 18, 2004

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