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Southern New Jersey term for locals with a long history of living in the area-the "originals" some say. Direct decendants of the orginals families that settled the area. Many Piney have made a living off of the land by farming and hunting or off the water by claming, fishing. Some have been boat builders and wood carvers. Many have participated in the local blue grass music scene. Part of a rich historical tradition not understood or respected by some arrogant newcommers. I was a "city slicker" 40 years ago but those of us who respected the locals assimilated better. Pineys have plenty of reasons to be proud.
In the local cemeteries you will find generations of Piney family graves.
by Boardwalk Broad June 18, 2011
A person obsessed with the history, culture and traditions of death. Usually also enjoys obituary reading, cemetery walks, murder stories , true and unusual manner of death tales etc.
She doesn't even know the deceased, what a death hag.
by Boardwalk Broad November 23, 2014
1970's Northeastern Philadelphia slang inviting someone to have a fist fight.
I heard what you said about my sister. I offer you out. Meet me on the corner by Mitch's at three thirty.
by Boardwalk Broad April 07, 2011
Very old school term for small breasts. Goes back to the days when an ice cream cone with a small dip cost a nickel.
"Marianne doesn't look as flat as usual."

"She must be wearing a padded bra on those"nickel dips" of hers."

" More than a mouth full is wasteful anyway."
by Boardwalk Broad February 09, 2012
Eating all the time.
Justine is so fat. My girl be steady lunchin'.
by Boardwalk Broad February 07, 2012
Looking at Facebook or the internet on your phone to amuse yourself while stuck on the toilet with an attack of bowel distress.
I was stuck in the bathroom a long time, glad I had my phone for some bowl scrolling.
by Boardwalk Broad October 20, 2015

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