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A person raised in the city and accustomed to life there.
This often leads to naivety in certain matters, and sometimes unusual prejudices.

This can be quite extreme, some displaying prejudice that is in it's own right as vile as that attributed to the average red neck.

Most of them though are quite decent folk who just don't know that you can change your car's oil yourself.
Sammy Cityboy: I didn't know you had a pocket knife! why do you have a knife?
Hank Hick: It comes in handy. See? I just used it to open this package.
Sammy Cityboy: So you don't use it to like kill people?
Hank Hick: No.
Sammy Cityboy: oh...ok.
Hank Hick: ...if I wanted to do that I'd use my 12 gauge.
*Sammy faints*
Hank Hick: Sam, you're such a city slicker...that was a joke...
by Joben June 05, 2007
Word used by red-necks to hate on anyone who isn't from a small town or hick.

Dem city slicker sleeping with black folk! I reckon id rather do a pig!
by Anti-Neocon August 15, 2006
Human fecal matter deposited in the woods/country.
There're no toilets... you're gonna have to drop a city-slicker.
by berserkerich May 05, 2011
Mud slinging, dirt riding, buell loving individual that frequents the badweatherbikers message board
Cityslicker will never own a ULY as long as he has his city-X
by Buelligan August 18, 2010
A stupid city boy who does not know how to the following:
.ride a horse
.rope a cow
.know the meaning of hard work

A city slicker often trys to be a 'country boy' which they dont realize makes them look more stupid
'A city slciker walks into a bar with his cowboy hat and boots, but he doesnt fool anyone because everyone can tell the difference by the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he wears his hat, and the fiasco is really over when he pulls out his cell phone!
by call me cowgirl June 05, 2005
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