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Asian hacker's attempt to seduce unsuspecting victims into clicking on their keylogging links in forum posts. The poor English is such a turn on. <sarcasm>
she has sex leg,24 years old.

this is some of her naked photo,
<keylogger link>

<keylogger link>

<keylogger link>

there's more on my computer!
leave your e-mail.i'll send to u!
by Blueiris July 07, 2008
A word gay/bi men use to describe themselves in a cool way that they are closet cases and have no intention of coming out soon. This allows them to maintain perceived heterosexual privilege while engaging in their true sexual desires.
"Are you out?"
"No, I'm totally discreet man. I got a girl...she can't know about this."
"Ah, ok I guess I'll keep looking."
"Not into flamers anyway."
"Who says I'm a flamer just because I'm out?"
"Most are."
"Stereotype. You should really come out man."
by Blueiris May 03, 2009
An asshole who plays a retribution paladin in World of Warcraft 3.0.2 when retribution paladins were gods of pvp. People would call the smug, gloating paladin a rethole as a leetspeak cutdown to avoid the possibility of being reported for verbal harassment.
I got killed by the rethole during 12 seconds of immunity bubble. Totally fair.
by Blueiris January 04, 2009

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