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1 definition by Blubberbutt69

1. Slang for douchebag or idiot; someone who is indecisive.

2. A sweet, sexy, freakishly tall, dark haired, gorgeous, freak who's main goal in life is to lead on girls and break their hearts and has an unusual, queer fettish for hats or beanies.
1) Girl1: Wow, he just called me a disgutingly hideous and obese platypus.
Girl2: Seriously? Dude, he called me a repulsive cactus the other day.
Girl1: OMG, what a Freddy!

2)Girl1: What's wrong, why are you crying?
Girl2: Nothing..
Girl1: Was it a Freddy who made you cry?
Girl2: Yes it was ..
by Blubberbutt69 March 09, 2012
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