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Some women(often the most unlikely)can produce vast quantities of female lovejuice during sex.The whores love showing off but the funniest are the shy types who insist they must have wet themselves and try to hide in the wardrobe.
"She was a real squirting queen!Never mind the sheets it took 3 days for the matress to bloody dry!!"
by Bloomers September 13, 2007
Breasts(esp.large ones).See alsoheadlampsdipped or main-depending on sizemams airbags earthasand for our American friendshooters
"I'm tellin ya her gajungas are massive man!When I undid her bra the force nearly took my eye out!!"
(To much applause from other pub regulars)
by Bloomers September 14, 2007
After giving an enthusiastic tart a good seeing to upon exiting there can sometimes be a rush of air from her twat.This is most common with a slack one.
She was such a wideopen cow that when i pulled out you could have heard the fannyfart across the street!
by Bloomers September 13, 2007
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