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The shiny new inventions you find while browsing in a store and suddenly come to realize you simply cannot live without. A gizmo that causes a eureka moment when you realize you've always had a need for it, but it never existed until now. Eurekagizmos can be found in hardware stores, kitchen stores, craft stores, almost anywhere ~ even featured on late night infomercials.
I got this new eurekagizmo for my kitchen that replaces over 30 appliances.

I went to the hardware store to buy a rake for my new garden and spent over $50 bucks on this kewlest eurekagizmos!

I stopped in to the craft store to buy colored pencils for the kids and spent way too much on eurekagizmos so they can keep busy creating the most awesome crafts during spring vacation.
#gizmo #gadget #thingamajig #widget #thingamabob #doohickey
by Blondezvous2u February 26, 2013
When your experiences with your new lover are so off the charts amazing they make everyone else you've ever been with seem like losers. A champion lover. When every experience with someone is a winner and your body, mind, and soul are all jumping for joy and cheering.
"Dude! We thought you went into witness protection. Where have you been?"
"Sorry man, girlfouled. She's Uconnic."

"What's the score on your new man?"
"Uconnic! I'm utterly smitten."
#iconic #beautiful #sexy-awesome #soulmate-itude #soul mate #twinflame #girlfouled #boyfouled #uconic
by Blondezvous2u April 10, 2013
The brown stains left on sheets, clothing, the floor of the shower, etc. from your spray-on tan when you are wet or sweaty. The most embarrassing tell-tale sign that you've been to the spray tanning booth instead of outside in the natural sunlight.
He told me he was so tan from all of his outdoor activities, but when he spent the night he left tanarrhea all over my sheets from his spray on tan!

OMG, I was rubbing my leg against him while we were dancing and suddenly realized I'd left tanarrhea all over his jeans!
#tanorrhea #spray tan dan #spray tanning #fake bake #tanorexic
by Blondezvous2u February 28, 2013
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