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The act of shmoozing someone with the intent to rape them at a later period in time. Similar to romance, but with the goal being rape and not falling in love.
Little did Amanda know the candle lit dinner, champagne, and walk along the beach, were all a part of Rapemance. It wasn't until later that she discovered her champagne had been Roofied.
by bloberita July 10, 2010
A common expression that is heard in ireland, and has no meaning to foreigners.
"Tippilavanderstidawouldyanow mah we lad. Welcome to Ireland, where the grass is green, the potatoes are ripe, and where you can get as drunk as you please, and fit right in."
by bloberita September 02, 2008
A beard that is so remarkable and must be photographed, documented, or even commented on, in order to label it with significance; usually for later conversation about how epic the beard was.
Dude! Do you remember that Incredibeard that we saw at the mall the other day?! That guy must have been growing that since 1974!
by Bloberita July 23, 2010
To make something more feminine. Effeminate. With the root word being Vag as in Vagina.
Mark is going to vagilize his car when he paints it pink.
by bloberita September 02, 2008
A person who's only defining characteristic is their beard. No other noticeable or remarkable features, save the beard.
Jason: "Do you remember that guy that we saw at the fair the other day?"
Mark: "Which one?"
Jason: "Beardilocks."
Mark: "Oh yeah! That guy with the crazy beard! What a player."
by Bloberita July 23, 2010

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