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When one acts like Jack Kendall by vomiting a lot after drinking one Smirnoff ice and a spending the rest of the night with his head down the toilet.
James: "Have you seen Mike?"
Benny: "Nah man, he's doing a Kendall"
James: "What a cunt!"

Steve: "That party was off the fucking chain last night!"
Jarad: "I know man, I drank so much I nearly ended up doing a Kendall!"
#sickness #pussyhole #doing a kendal #faggot #lightweight #jack kendall
by BlindRascal August 02, 2010
When one is informed of events via Facebook before being infomed by another.
James: Did you hear about Mike and Susan breaking up?
Kerry: Yeah, Facebook told me
#facebook #told #me #infomed #found out
by BlindRascal October 02, 2010
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