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The act of being a rabbit. To act in a sexually covert manner with the same sex; mainly used when the other is not gay or bi-sexual.
To allow hidden gay tendencies to surface.
Alan: Tim was getting a bit rabbitty with me last night. Touched my ass but said it was a mistake.
Huey: That guy is definitely a rabbit
by Bleeder January 28, 2006
A person with an incredibly spell-blinding mustache.
Wow dude, check out that guy's mustache. What a belran...
by Bleeder April 21, 2003
To be idle, mostly used in connection with the internet.
Dude, that guy has been idle for 5 hours. What a belran.
by Bleeder April 18, 2003
Someone commonly found in the bedrolls with someone; (alt) to wake up in bed with someone and not realize how you go there; (obs.) A shotgun wedding resulting from the above.
Man, I got wasted last night, and this morning ... major Yeut-age! I didn't even remember her name.
by Bleeder April 20, 2003

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