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where one or both parties are forced into marriage due to an unplaned pregnancy
looks like its a shotgun wedding for those two
by brian o carroll March 31, 2003
A case of wife or death.
Billy Joe knocked up Daisy Sue and so now they're gonna have a shotgun wedding.
by Joshzam May 04, 2004
A wedding that is forced into existence because of pregnancy.
A shotgun wedding: Chad Michael Murray and his new screwtoy, 18-year old Kenzie Dalton.
by Satan00 April 06, 2006
Where the parents of one or both people of a couple force them to marry due to pregnancy of the female part of the couple.
I was forced to have a shotgun wedding with your mom
by David Li April 23, 2005
A term for a forced marriage after an unexpected pregnancy.

Originating from when the father of the pregnant girl would force the baby's daddy to marry his daughter at gunpoint. This gun was most likely a shotgun as many fathers in the United States were hunters.
Bill knocked up Suzie and now they're having a shotgun wedding
by Sham-Whoa May 20, 2009
A marriage that is forced upon a couple usually by the parents of the bride due to either an unplanned pregnancy or pre-marital relations.
Sarah Palin publicly announced her daughter's shotgun wedding in September 2008.
by superlazy September 02, 2008
A shot gun wedding is when the father of the bride holds a gun to the head of the groom and makes him marry his daughter on his life. Usually caused by pregnancy of the bride, or a broken heart. Naturally, started in a Redneck Community.
I got er' Pregnant and now I'm in a fricken shot gun wedding!
by Brookers~<3 November 16, 2007
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