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Girls have yellow fever too! Stop being egocentric, you chauvinistic weirdos.
"Oh my God, Ming Tsai is hot!"
"No, Jet Li is hot!"
"You are all wrong. Tony Jaa is the hottest!"
by BlarneyDood May 05, 2005
Scariest f*ckin' byatch ever. Dude and when she has babies its gross.
Get away from her you bitch!
by BlarneyDood April 25, 2005
When you click to many times on an Orc Peon, or an Orc Grunt for that matter in Warcraft II. That is what you get, you sadistic freak.
"Heeheehee. My tummy feels funny!" - Orc Peon
by BlarneyDood April 25, 2005
Ok, only a part of O fortuna is in Sephiroth's theme song and Orff wrote it you moron, not Wagner.
Get your classical music right!
by BlarneyDood May 03, 2005
That whiny little bitch from Star Wars episode II-III (discounting that ugly kid from ep. I) played by the fantastically wooden Hayden Christensen, who can actually act, but since George Lucas can't direct an actor (nor anything else) to save his life this is what mutated from that rule of thumb.
I hate you! - Waah-nikin, Ep. III
Look I'm conflicted. <makes weird faces>
Look I'm sad. <makes a pretty little tear>
Noooooooo! <cry even though you didn't give a shit about Padme in the first place>
No, that's impossible! - Waaah-nikin's spawn Luke Skywalker from ep. V Empire Strikes Back
by BlarneyDood June 13, 2005
1) Pine Nuts
2) Snow Birds, Juncos
1) Hadi snoobers?
2) A: Dude, snoobers are here.
B: Hott!
by BlarneyDood April 25, 2005
Woah. Hottest night elf hunter around.
Siri is cool!
You said it!
by BlarneyDood May 03, 2005
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