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Adjective, Describes one lesbian, in a group of two, that is ugly and makes you uninterested in their actions, wink-wink nudge-nudge.
"Tina is hot, but her girlfriend, Lisa, is a Buzzington Lesbian."

"I saw a porno with a Buzzkillington Lesbian. Then I quickly stopped watching."
by BlackLegion94 December 07, 2009
The action of smoking a doobie/joint.
"Hey, man wanna do the doob?"
by BlackLegion94 December 07, 2009
A person from North Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania they come to the Jersey Shore, as a tourist, during the summer. They like to stay all summer long, too. They litter the beaches because they don't clean up after themselves. They stop at the E-Z Pass trying to put money in it. They suck at driving and they are easy to spot because they take photos of unimportant events in their life like walking on the boardwalk. Also, the way they dress is noticable because they wear socks and sandals or sneakers on the beach and buy shirts that have the city's name on it. They also need to watch there young children and be better parents. They also like to feed the seagulls and get attacked and don't know why the bennie likes to feed a seagull french fries and then a whole pack swarms them, which makes them more obvious. Locals from New Jersey despise the bennie and want them to go home and never come back. Any local from Jersey can spot a bennie even one who tries to hide it.
"That person is a bennie because they are feeding the seagulls. Dumbass."
by BlackLegion94 December 07, 2009

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