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A fucked up kid's show about a spoiled little turd who gets upset when he doesn't get his way.
If Caillou was real, I'd kill him.
by BklynKnight March 06, 2005
1. sex

2. Hot chick who never seems to go out with anyone.

3. A female that you know you can't become involved with past the point of friendship. This may be due to having a boyfriend/not being interested in you/or too busy to be involved with anyone. She's like the real forbidden fruit. You can't have a taste of her.
Jane is Tim's forbidden fruit
by BklynKnight April 22, 2005
An rpg for the super nintendo released mid 90's. A unique experience featuring the characters from the super mario universe. It spanned multiple sequels and is revered as one of the most enjoyable and unique rpg experiences.
I played super mario legend of the seven stars and loved it.
by BklynKnight March 07, 2005
Those fuckers who call you asking you to buy shit. They constantly call you telling you things like "please don't hang up the phone", "I'm calling you up on an item we sent you in the mail", "Hey would you like a subscription to <insert newspaper/magazine>".

These lovely individuals. are usually payed high, but work on commission, so they have to be good at what they do.
Telemarketers need to find better jobs and leave us the fuck alone.
by BklynKnight July 05, 2005
A style of kenpo karate created by Mr.Parker. Compared to other styles it's relatively young. The defense techniques are based on the predetermined actions of the attacker. Some people think that parker kenpo is "safe" because it the techniques have a check system unlike some other arts where the first or second strike must take down the opponent.
Parker kenpo is a very good martial art.
by BklynKnight January 22, 2005
Lorenzo/nigga that dances, dances, and gets girl. So that's all bitch.
Look at Ray. He's such a Lorenzo.
by BklynKnight April 01, 2005
One can be called maple if they are told to hump a maple tree and willingly do it.
Richard humped a maple tree. He is now maple.
by BklynKnight February 25, 2005

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